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Negligent Security Claims

Every property owner, manager, or occupier has an obligation (or a “duty of care”) to provide adequate security to prevent criminal actions against guests, customers, and other … [Read More...]

Tort Reform

When you are injured because of someone else’s negligent actions, in most cases, you are entitled to … [Read More...]

Driver Videoed Sleeping While Tesla Drives on Autopilot

The promise of self-driving cars may still seem like science fiction to many, so it may come as a surprise … [Read More...]

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Inflammation, Weather Increase Suicide Rates

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Motorcycle Safety Tips

All motorists are instructed to “share the roadway” and obey traffic laws to ensure that all drivers and passengers are safe. Even though all drivers have the same rights and … [Read More...]

Featured Accident Attorneys

Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm – Your Carolinas Injury Law Firm

The Dan Pruitt Law Firm handles only cases of serious personal injury and wrongful death in a variety of practice areas including tractor trailer crashes, nursing home abuse and neglect, brain and spinal cord injuries, and job injuries.

Learn More About Dan Pruitt

Richard Hastings – Connecticut Injury Attorney

Over the years, Connecticut personal injury attorney Richard P. Hastings has won millions of dollars for his clients in accident claims. Find out what having the right lawyer can do for you.

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When Should You Represent Yourself in Court?

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