Child Safety: School Bus Safety Tips

Riding a school bus is said to be the safest way for your child to get to and from school, even safer than riding in the family vehicle. Children are … [Read More...]

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Child Safety: Gardening Safety Tips

Gardening is a wonderful warm weather activity for kids and adults to enjoy together. Your child can learn valuable life-long lessons and gain a sense of accomplishment, all while having fun and playing in the dirt. However, some aspects of gardening can be very dangerous. These … [Read More...]


After Brain Injury: Alcohol Use

After brain injury, you want to get back to life as it used to be as soon as possible. For most adults, that includes enjoying an alcoholic beverage, at least occasionally. Those who did not drink before a brain injury may turn to alcohol to relieve some of the effects of brain … [Read More...]


After Brain Injury: Driving

A big step in brain injury recovery is driving again. About half of brain injury survivors are able to return to driving. The very nature of brain injuries makes it difficult or impossible for the brain inured person to assess their own readiness to get behind the wheel, for many … [Read More...]


Sun Safety

It’s that time of year again, but before you rush out in the sun, take a minute to learn some basic sun safety. You have heard about the need to protect yourself from the sun all of your life, but things have changed. We know now that some of the old standbys do not really offer … [Read More...]