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Have you been hurt in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or truck accident? Our motor vehicle accident attorneys have expertise in handling all these types of cases and more. They can help you get compensation for lost work, medical bills, and other expenses related to your injury. They can also help you deal with insurance companies so that you do not accidentally hurt your case, reducing your chance of compensation.

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Car Accident Claims

Car accidents are the most common type of motor vehicle accident. They affect thousands of Americans every day, and claim nearly 40,000 lives every year. Car accident claims attorneys have experience handling car insurance companies, know how to maximize your compensation from a certain type of insurance policy, and can help you establish fault in a car accident.

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Motorcycles share the road with cars and are governed by many of the same rules, but motorcycle accident lawsuits have many aspects that make them different from other motor vehicle accidents. Special rules regarding motorcycle riders and the size and agility of motorcycles mean lawyers with experience often have better success in these cases.

Truck Accident Claims

Large trucks are governed by many additional laws and regulations that make truck accident claims unique. These claims are also unique because they tend to result in serious injury or death, often for many people in a single accident.

Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits

Pedestrian accident lawsuits and bicyclist claims are governed by the right-of-way rules that can establish fault for the accident. Because these accidents tend to result in serious injuries, you should make sure your attorney has experience handling those types of injury cases.

Rollover Accident Lawsuits

In a rollover accident, people may experience serious injury, but what makes rollover accident lawsuits unique is that they often involve claims that the vehicle in question may be a defective vehicle and prone to rollovers because of their inherent instability.

Boating Accident Claims

Boating accident claims are governed by an entirely different set of laws from road-related motor vehicle accidents. An accident attorney without an appropriate knowledge of these laws may make it harder for you to get compensation.

Jet Ski Accident Claims

Just like boating accidents, jet ski accident claims are governed by maritime laws, rather than laws of the road. In addition, the small size, speed, and exposure of occupants make jet ski accidents more likely to result in serious injury, and there are often significant questions about the design of the vehicle that may result in defective product aspects to your claim.

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