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Car Safety eBook


A Free Car Safety eBook

You know that driving is one of the most dangerous things you do daily. So, when was the last time you brushed up on your car safety knowledge?

Download our free car safety guide today and be sure to share with new drivers!

Car Seat Safety Guide


Check These Five Before You Drive

Car seats aren’t generally complicated but they do require some important steps. Do you know how to safely place your child into one?

Use our simple Car Seat Checklist before your next car ride.

Download the Car Seat Safety Checklist

Crowd Safety Guide


Before Your Next Big Event

Major events like the Super Bowl, Olympics, and World Cup will draw large crowds. But do you know how to stay safe in a large group?

Our Crowd Safety Guide includes helpful information about traveling with children, tips for traveling abroad, a printable safety checklist and more.

Download the Crowd Safety Guide

Dog Bite Safety Guide


Are You Sure He’s All Bark?

There is no better time than the present to enjoy the outdoors or adopt a furry friend. But dog attacks are real. Take a few moments to review our Dog Bite Safety Guide and protect yourself and your loved ones.

This twelve page guide covers everything from prevention to treatment. It also answers the question, “Should I hire a dog bite attorney?”

Download the Dog Bite Safety Guide

Elder Driver ~ License Checklist


Are You Ready to Talk to Your Parents?

The problems with driving as we age, is that we often can’t tell when it’s no longer safe. While our bodies slow down, traffic seems to speed up. Will you know the signs?

Download our free Elder Driver ~ License Checklist and keep your parents safe.

Family Media and Technology Agreement


Talk with Your Children

In times like these, you can’t be to careful when going online. Children are especially vulnerable. A family media and technology agreement may be the answer.

Each family has unique needs. There is no one right way, but there are a few things that should be standard for all families, such as keeping personal information private.

Download the Family Media and Technology Agreement

Firework Safety Checklist


Celebrate Safely

Fireworks have long been a tradition when celebrating. It may be a 4th of July BBQ or a New Years bash, fireworks can be fun.

They can also be dangerous. Nearly 10,000 people will suffer injuries severe enough to send them to the ER this year. You don’t have to be one of them.

Download the Crowd Safety Guide

Five S’s of Playground Safety


Simple Steps to Keep Your Kids Safe

Oh, to be a kid again. Running around on the playground, making friends, enjoying new adventures…if only life were that simple. The reality is that playgrounds can be dangerous. Worn equipment, sharp edges, and hard surfaces can cause serious injuries. has created an easy-to-use Five S’s of Playground Safety to help keep your loved ones safe.

Download the Five S’s of Playground Safety Sheet

Head Injury Guide


Heads Up, Here’s Some Information You May Need

Head injuries aren’t something you mess with. Traumatic brain injury is a serious problem and requires serious attention.

If you suffer from head injury symptoms, or know someone else who does, don’t pass this by.

Download the Head Injury Guide

Hospital Safety eBook


Hospitals Aren’t Always Healthy

Our free Hospital Safety eBook was created to help you and your loved ones become more aware of basic hospital safety.

While hospitals have always been a place to turn to for medical care, not all hospitals are the same. Many hospitals are failing their patients. Know what you’re getting into.

Download our free Hospital Safety eBook

How to Stay Safe After an Auto Accident


Do You Know How to Act After an Accident?

Accidents happen. What you do after an accident can make the difference between life and death.

Play it safe with this easy-to-use safety guide. Simply print, cut, fold around your car registration and proof of insurance, and keep in your glove box.

Download the Stay Safe Guide

Teen and Parent Driving Agreement


A Little Carrot and a Little Stick

Our Parent-Teen Driving Agreement is designed to start to a conversation with your child.

And it’s unique in an important way — all of the other driving contracts we reviewed called for clear consequences if a driving rule was broken, but none offered rewards. We think teens (all children, actually) should be rewarded for good behavior.

Download the Teen and Parent Driving Agreement

Travel Safety Checklist


Safe Travels

You’re busy. You’ve got a million things to pack and prepare for. But have you thought about your safety while traveling? What about the safety of your family?

The Travel Safety Checklist covers everything from traveling outside of the country to where to keep your wallet. Make sure you arrive safely to your next destination.

Download the Travel Safety Checklist