Defective Vehicle Lawsuits

Every day, we get in our cars with our families, and we trust that the vehicle is safe to drive. We hope it will not cause an accident, and that in the event of an accident it will keep us reasonably safe. Unfortunately, car manufacturers have a long history of incorporating known defects in their automobiles, defects they work hard to conceal. Other vehicle manufacturers have learned much from the skill of car manufacturers in this area, and many vehicles with known defects are marketed for use on the land, sea, and air.

If you suspect your accident or injury was caused by a defective vehicle, talking to an attorney can help you understand your legal rights and put you in touch with others affected by the same defect. Please contact today to being pursuing a defective vehicle lawsuit.

Defects That Cause Accidents

A vehicle is supposed to give its driver or operator the power to avoid accidents. They should be stable, maneuverable, and with adequate braking to avoid obstacles. Many vehicles are not, however, and their design may lead to accidents. Examples defective motor vehicle lawsuits include:

  • SUVs that are more likely to be involved in rollover accidents

  • Jet skis whose speed and maneuverability pose risks

  • Spontaneous acceleration events in cars

  • Air bags that inflate unexpectedly, causing car accidents

  • Brakes that tend to fail or stick

These types of defects significantly increase your risk of injury or death in the vehicle.

Defects That Cause Injury

A vehicle is also supposed to protect its users in the event of a reasonably foreseeable accident. However, sometimes vehicles may actually increase your risk of injury in an accident. This type of vehicle defect includes:

  • Fuel tanks that tend to be punctured or catch fire in accidents

  • Cars with defective seatbelts that fail to protect in a car accident

  • Headrests in cars that can increase your risk of whiplash injury

  • ATVs that are designed with passenger areas inadequate to protect riders from rollovers

These types of defects can transform a minor accident into one where you suffer serious injury. It may even lead to the death of passengers or drivers in the vehicle.

Concealing Defects

Car manufacturers are experts at denying defects exist. They may have designed a car with the defect or learned from early testing or in-the-field crash reports that the defect exists, but they will often continue to deny the existence of the defect. They may make payments to victims on condition of silence, quietly recall cars for unrelated minor problems, or just feign ignorance.

Getting past the strategies car manufacturers use to conceal their defects takes a lot of work, a high level of expertise, and the participation of every accident victim. If you have been hurt by what you think might be a defective vehicle, talking to an attorney with experience handling defective vehicle lawsuits may help you and others who have been hurt to get the answers.

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