Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits

If you have been hit by a car when walking, you likely suffered serious injury. You may even have lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident. Motor vehicles of every type are required to yield to pedestrians, and when one of these accidents occurs, it is likely the fault of the driver. If you have suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one, you may be able to get compensation for your loss with a pedestrian accident lawsuit.

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Negligent Driving Causes Many Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers are supposed to yield to pedestrians. When they fail to do so and a pedestrian accident occurs, the driver may be held responsible. Common driver actions that lead to accidents include:

  • Not stopping before the crosswalk

  • Turning through the crosswalk

  • Running a light or stop sign

  • Speeding

  • Failure to notice pedestrian

  • Distracted driving

  • Driving on the sidewalk

  • Reversing or parking

In these cases, the car driver may be made to pay all or most of the cost of an accident. However, if a pedestrian is partly responsible for an accident because they rushed into traffic or came out from an unexpected location, they may not be able to recover compensation or may get reduced compensation.

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrian accidents typically result in severe injuries. These often include:

The type of injuries caused depend on the size of the car because the configuration of the bumpers may dramatically change how energy is transferred to the pedestrian. Injuries also depend on the speed of the car, the maneuver it is performing, and whether the driver attempted to avoid hitting the pedestrian.

Compensation Available in Pedestrian Accidents

If you have been hit by a car, you may be able to get compensation for:

  • Lost wages and diminished earning ability

  • Medical bills, including expected medical bills

  • Pain and suffering

  • Diminished quality of life

The type and amount of compensation that may be available in your case depend on the circumstances in your case.

Compensation may also be impacted by the quality of lawyer you hire for your case. Lawyers with experience in pedestrian accidents may be able to get you better compensation.

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