Negligent Security

Negligent Security Attorney Information

If you have been injured in a criminal attack or assault on someone else’s property or at work, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and more from the property or business owner or the entity in control of the property. Property and business owners have a duty to provide adequate protection from criminal attacks. Although you may have a good personal injury case against the person who attacked you, your chances of actually collecting the money are much better when you pursue a negligent security lawsuit. only works with highly credentialed attorneys with the highest ratings from their peers. To find an expert negligent security attorney who will fight hard for you, please contact today.

Types of Properties Where Negligent Security May Apply

The type of property where your assault occur makes a difference in whether or not you have a case and if so, how strong your case is. The state or jurisdiction where the attack occurred also makes a difference, as premises liability laws vary across the country. In general, you may be able to sue for your injuries of you were attacked on one of the following types of properties:

  • Hotel or motel
  • Casino
  • Restaurant
  • Bar or night club
  • Movie theater
  • Bank or ATM
  • Convenience store or gas station
  • Parking lot or parking garage
  • Amusement or theme park
  • School or university
  • Hospital
  • Nursing home
  • Office building
  • Retail store
  • Shopping mall
  • Government building
  • Apartment or condominium complex
  • RV park
  • Day care center
  • Sports or event stadium
  • Public park
  • Museum
  • Concert hall


Foreseeability is a key element in negligent security cases. The level and type of security that a property or business owner has a duty to provide is directly related to likelihood that a crime would occur on the property. Many factors play a role in foreseeability.

Certain types of businesses are automatically considered high risk and have specific standard security measures that should be in place even if they are in a low-crime area and have no history of criminal attacks at the location. ATM’s, banks, hotels, and motels fall into this category.

Other factors that support foreseeability include:

  • Located in a high crime area
  • A recent up-tick of crime in the area
  • A history of criminal activity on the property, even if it is recent
  • Knowledge of a specific risk factor such as a disgruntled worker or customer, or a possible domestic violence situation involving an employee
  • Direct threats

Getting Help for Negligent Security Injuries

An experienced premises liability attorney can help you prove that there was a duty to prevent or try harder to prevent the assault that caused your injuries. However, you need to act quickly to protect your legal rights and to preserve vital evidence in your case. Please, contact today to be connected with a highly credentialed accident attorney in your area right away.