Truck Accident Fatalities

When a large truck is in an accident with a smaller vehicle, there is a high likelihood that the accident will be fatal. Although large trucks only account for about 3% of all accidents, they account for 10% of all fatal accidents. And when someone is killed in an accident with a large truck, it is someone other than the truck driver 95% of the time. When that person killed was your loved one, the damage to your life is irreparable, but compensation with a truck accident lawsuit can help you in a practical sense so you can focus your energy on your emotional recovery.

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Why Fatal Truck Accidents Occur

The basics of a fatal truck accident are simple: a large truck may weigh up to 80,000 pounds, more than 10 times the weight of even a large SUV. When a large truck strikes a smaller vehicle, it completely overwhelms the safety features designed to protect the passengers within.

There are many rules and regulations designed to prevent truck accidents, and they have worked to reduce fatal truck accidents by 35% in the last decade, but, unfortunately, deadly truck accidents still occur, often because trucking companies sidestep the rules and press drivers to the edge of human endurance. See Truck accident causes for more information.

Damages in Fatal Truck Accidents

Every state has slightly different rules about what compensation you can recover in a wrongful death lawsuit, so you will have to talk about this in detail with your attorney. However, some common damages allowed include:

  • Loss of potential wages

  • Loss of assistance with daily or household tasks, including child care and cleaning

  • Loss of companionship, counsel, and education

  • Diminished inheritance due to medical bills

  • Grieving and other emotional pain due to loss

In general, these lawsuits must be filed by the estate of the deceased on behalf of the remaining family members.

The Role of Your Truck Accident Attorney

Most of the damages available in a fatal truck accident lawsuit do not have hard dollar figures attached to them. The amount you receive will depend on the skill of your accident attorney to estimate them and convince the trucking company or a jury that the figure is valid.

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