Back to School Safety Tips


No matter how your child gets to school, steps can be taken to help them get there safely. Here are some tips to help keep your children safe while they walk, ride a bike, or take the bus to and from school.


Many children walk to school. If your child is walking, talk to them about safe habits, including:

  • Walk on the sidewalk or a dedicated pedestrian walkway
  • Walk facing traffic
  • Only cross the street at crosswalks and wait for the walk signal
  • Look both ways, twice, before crossing the street
  • Make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you

Traveling in groups and avoiding distractions is essential as well. These steps can help your child avoid being the victim of a pedestrian accident.


If your child is riding their bike to school, be sure they:

  • Wear a well-fitted helmet
  • Ride in a bike lane or on a bike path
  • Ride single file, in the same direction as traffic
  • Wear reflective clothing and bicycle lights
  • Only cross the street with the signal at designated crossings

As with walking, children riding bicycles need to avoid distraction. Bikes are often struck at intersections, making extra caution at these crossings important.

Bus Riders

Children who ride the bus to school should be instructed to:

  • Walk on the sidewalk to the bus stop
  • Stand at least six feet from the curb
  • Board the bus in single file (no pushing or running)

Children who ride the bus should also be instructed to stay in their seats while the bus is moving.

Accompany Your Children

If you have smaller children, accompanying them to school or their bus stop allows you to teach and model appropriate behavior. As they age, these efforts can help keep children safer while they travel to and from school without supervision.

Do You Need Help?

You may be entitled to compensation if your child has sustained an injury while walking to or from school. Speaking to a qualified attorney is an excellent way to learn more about your rights. Please use our site to find an attorney in your area and schedule a free case review to learn more.