Jet Ski Accident Claims

Jet skis are the motorcycles of the waves. They are fun to ride, fast, maneuverable, and very, very dangerous. Unfortunately, they are often treated carelessly, with owners and renters of jet skis being let loose on the waves without proper training. Once on the water, these inexperienced operators can cause serious injury to themselves or others.

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Jet Skis Are Dangerous

Because jet skis can be ridden very fast and maneuverable, they pose a danger to everyone in the area. A jet ski rider can accelerate very quickly, turn suddenly, and appear in unexpected places. Because the vehicles are small and hard to see, they may go unnoticed by operators of other boats, who have to trust that jet ski operators will get out of the way.

With the speed a jet ski can reach, it is capable of striking other jet ski riders, boats, swimmers, and even people on the beach with dangerous force, which can result in serious injury or even death.

Jet ski manufacturers have also been held responsible for a number of defective product claims. Lawsuits propose that some jet skis have been built without taking safety into consideration, and that certain design and manufacturing defects can put users at even greater risk.

Inexperienced Operators Increase Risk

The risk of jet skis is increased even more because they are often operated by people with little or no experience on boats. Whether they are buying or renting a jet ski, they often get on the craft with little or no training, and therefore do not know how to operate it properly.

One common operational error is that when people think they are going to strike an obstacle, they often turn off the throttle. This means that the jet ski cannot maneuver, but continues forward with the same momentum, until it strikes the obstacle.

Common Injuries from Jet Skis

When people are injured in a jet ski accident, they often suffer injuries such as:

Fatal jet ski injuries are not uncommon, and have been the grounds for a number of wrongful death lawsuits that stem from these personal watercraft.

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in a jet ski accident, please contact today to speak to a local accident attorney.