A Broken Heart: Stress-induced Cardiomyopathy

It’s a question that is as old as time. Can you really die from a broken heart? While it is certainly true that some people never bounce back from unrequited love, and live in a downward spiral of depression and bad choices that ultimately lead to an early death, there has been some debate as […]

5 Common Emergency Room Errors

The holiday season is a season for accidents and other health emergencies. Emergency rooms are often overwhelmed, making deadly errors even more likely. However, that is no excuse for inadequate care. If you have been harmed by emergency room error or lost a loved one to emergency room malpractice, you have the right to take […]

ATV Accident Claims

According to ATVSafety.gov 327 ATV accident deaths were reported in 2011, and ATV accidents resulted in an estimated 107,500 injuries serous enough to require treatment in emergency rooms, in the U.S. The numbers for 2014 are not yet in, but if the headlines are any indication, it has been a bad year for ATV riders. […]

Three High School Football Players Die in Less Than a Week

Over the course of a few days, three high school football players died in three different states. All three collapsed on the field; two after collisions with other players. Last year, there were eight high school football deaths, making it the deadliest season since 1986 when 11 players died of their injuries. We can only […]

Pool Dangers – Infographic

It’s summer. That means it’s pool time. And pool time means fun, sun, and staying cool. But it also means pool accidents, slip and fall injuries, drowning injuries and worse. AccidentAttorneys.org put together this Pool Dangers Infographic to prevent you from having a bad day at the pool.

Evenflo Car Seat Recall

You may remember the Graco car seat recall issued in February, in which the company recalled front-facing seats, but refused to recall rear-facing car seats with the same defect. Well, Evenflo has issued a similar recall, for the same buckle defect, and has also rejected the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) request to recall […]

Railroad Safety Campaign

Last year, when the statistics came in for 2012, the Association of American Railroads (AAR) was celebrating and calling it the safest year in the rail industry’s history. And then, in 2013, there was a spike in railroad deaths. In response to the increase in deaths Operation Lifesaver Inc. (OLI), has partnered with the AAR, […]

Underride Accidents

Underride is one of the biggest dangers semi-trucks pose to passenger vehicles. It happens because truck trailers are higher off the ground than the hoods of cars, so the car slides under the truck and all of the force goes to the passenger compartment. Underride accidents can cause severe injuries, dismemberment, and decapitation. Underride guards […]

GM Announces Another Massive Recall

On Monday, March 17, 2014, General Motors announced three new recalls. Over 1.18 million vehicles were affected. According to the New York Times, the recalls have now reached over 4.8 million vehicles. The company says there have not been any injuries or deaths reported in connection with the defects prompting the recalls. GM is already […]