Underride Accidents

5948722_mUnderride is one of the biggest dangers semi-trucks pose to passenger vehicles. It happens because truck trailers are higher off the ground than the hoods of cars, so the car slides under the truck and all of the force goes to the passenger compartment. Underride accidents can cause severe injuries, dismemberment, and decapitation. Underride guards are supposed to help prevent underride from occurring, but even those which meet Federal regulations have been found inadequate.

How it Happens

The majority of underride accidents occur when a car strikes the truck from the rear. They can also be the result of a sideswipe, or a passenger vehicle T-boning a truck. Without the heavy engine compartment to absorb the brunt of the impact, people in the passenger vehicle are left with almost no protection from the crash.

Underride Guards

Underride guards are required on the rear of trucks. Crash tests have found that rear underride guards which meet the Federal minimums, still do not offer full protection in a 35mph crash. If the car hits the back of the truck dead center, they perform pretty well, but if the car is off to the side a bit, many models collapse on impact.

The U.S. does not require side underride guards. Side underride is a very real danger which can happen when merging onto the freeway or when a truck changes lanes without seeing a car in its blind spot. It is also common at night and in low light conditions when trucks are crossing or parked across a road, and visibility is poor.

If someone you love was involved in an underride accident, please call the truck accident attorneys at AccidentAttorneys.org right away. We’ll find an experienced attorney near you to help you with your case.

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