Distracted Driving with Google Glass?

Is driving while using Google Glass distracted diving? That is the question that lawmakers across the country are being forced to consider, and it the answer is more complex than it may seem. Google Glass is so new and different from other types of technology that its potential for helping or hindering drivers is not […]

Dog Bite Injuries and Claims

While any dog may bite if it is provoked or is not well trained and restrained, there is still a great deal of liability with dog bites. Every year, there are millions of dog bites in the United States. A great deal of these bites lead to emergency care. If you have been bitten by […]

MeetMe Lawsuit

San Francisco is suing MeetMe, a social networking site, for failing to adequately protect minors from sexual predators and stalkers. According to the lawsuit, brought by San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, the Pennsylvania-based company is violating California law by exposing the personal information of teenagers age 13 through 17 without legal consent. Exposing Minors […]

Fear of Escalators is Well-Founded

The fear of escalators is more common than you might think. For adults it can be embarrassing and inconvenient, and it some cases it can make certain activities impossible. While most escalator rides end safely, escalator accidents are very real, and often the result of a poorly maintained or defective escalator. Finger and toe amputations […]

Medical Bills After an Auto Accident

Regardless of where your accident occurred, paying medical bills after an auto accident is always tough. Some car accidents have extensive injuries, which require extended hospital stays and rehabilitation. Many people also need to have follow-up visits with doctors for prolonged periods of time. Some people never completely recover from an accident, needing medical assistance […]