Stay Inside Your Vehicle After a Multi-Car Pileup

Unless you smell gas, you should almost always stay inside your vehicle until help arrives after any kind of motor vehicle accident, but it is even more important in a multi-car pileup on a highway. As the multi-car accident continues to progress, it will go against every instinct to stay in your car in the […]

Common Nursing Home Injury Claims

Nursing home injuries can be fatal. For those residents who survive, one of these injuries can begin an irreversible decline and significantly reduce the victim’s quality of life. Fortunately, an experienced nursing home injury attorney can help you determine if your loved one’s injuries were the inevitable result of aging or if they were caused by nursing […]

What is Dram Shop and Social Host Liability in Drunk Driving Accidents?

Although drunk drivers can legally be held responsible for the injuries and deaths that they cause, there are many reasons why that avenue of compensation may not yield nearly enough to cover your medical expenses and other losses, and in some cases there may be no compensation available from the guilty driver. However, dram shop […]

Product Liability Accidents

Defective products can cause virtually any type of accident. Car accident victims, drug injury victims, and those who are injured on-the-job are among the many who often discover that their injuries were actually caused by a defective product, and their lawsuit will fall under product liability. In some cases it is obvious, but sometimes it […]

Head Injury – What You Need To Know

While a traumatic brain injury is serious knowing a few facts can help protect yourself. The injury is caused by a blow or jolt to the head, or a penetrating head injury that disrupts the normal functions of the brain. Falls are the leading cause of brain injury. Others include car accidents, and sports injuries; […]

Lawsuit to Force Tougher Rule on Truck Driver Training

Public Citizen is representing safety groups and the Teamsters in a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), asking the court to force the agency to issue an entry-level driver training rule for truck drivers. This comes more than 20 years after the initial deadline was set by congress. Since that deadline passed, safety […]

Webcam Safety – Protect Yourself from Ratting

Did you know that hackers can get into your computer, turn on your webcam and watch or record you without your knowledge? It is accomplished with the use of a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) which can be used to access and control your webcam, as well as everything else on your computer. It can happen […]

Distracted Driving with Google Glass?

Is driving while using Google Glass distracted diving? That is the question that lawmakers across the country are being forced to consider, and it the answer is more complex than it may seem. Google Glass is so new and different from other types of technology that its potential for helping or hindering drivers is not […]

Dog Bite Injuries and Claims

While any dog may bite if it is provoked or is not well trained and restrained, there is still a great deal of liability with dog bites. Every year, there are millions of dog bites in the United States. A great deal of these bites lead to emergency care. If you have been bitten by […]