Distracted Driving with Google Glass?

google-glassIs driving while using Google Glass distracted diving? That is the question that lawmakers across the country are being forced to consider, and it the answer is more complex than it may seem. Google Glass is so new and different from other types of technology that its potential for helping or hindering drivers is not fully known and the many of the lawmakers who must decide if its use while driving should be banned are not familiar with it or how it works.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a tiny computer that mounts to compatible eyeglass frames. Typically this looks like glasses without lenses. There is a small display above the wearer’s right eye. What you see on the display looks similar to what you see on a smartphone, but somewhat transparent.

The device responds to voice commands or can be controlled with the touchpad on the side of the frame. You can access the internet, use apps such as those for driving directions, and you can take pictures and video with it.

Is Driving with Google Glass Illegal?

Now this is where things get start to get sticky. At least one woman has been ticketed for distracted driving for wearing Google Glass while driving, but they could not prove that she was actually using the device.

Some think of Google Glass as comparable to texting while driving, but there are distinct differences because it is hands-free and does not require you to look away from the road, although your eyes and attention may still be significantly diverted.

Many states already have a law against driving with an electronic device that displays a video image which is viewable by the driver. That could certainly apply to Google Glass.

At least six states are considering bills that would specifically ban using Google Glass while driving.

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