The Hidden Danger of Old Gas Lines

A recent investigation by a USA Today Network revealed the danger we face from aging gas lines, and just how extensive the problem is throughout the country. Replacing these gas lines is a lengthy, complicated, and expensive process. According to the report, a gas leak accident, serious enough to cause injury, death, or property damage, […]

Oh Christmas Tree

Thinking about setting up a Christmas tree? Take a moment to learn more about tree traditions and ways to celebrate safely with this Christmas tree safety infographic. Christmas Tree Safety Infographic Recap Celebrating the winter holidays by decorating your home with an evergreen is an ancient and alive tradition. But this holiday tradition should come […]

Kitchen Fires are Three Times More Likely on Thanksgiving

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the number of cooking fires that occur on Thanksgiving Day is three times the average number of daily cooking fires. It makes sense when you consider the fact that Thanksgiving meals are more complicated than the average meal and for some people Thanksgiving is the only […]

Safety in the Home: Electric Cords and Outlets

We spend most of our time surrounded by electric cords and outlets. It’s something you may not think about often, but every cord and every outlet poses a danger if it is faulty or used improperly. By being observant and developing good habits, you can minimize the risk of fire, electric shock, and accidents such […]

Defective BBQ Grill Accidents

Using common sense and basic safety precautions are imperative to preventing barbeque grill accidents and injuries, but even the most careful cook cannot predict or prevent accidents caused by grill defects. A defective grill can result in a fire or explosion causing severe burns and other injuries, and even catching your house on fire. If […]

Wildfire Preparedness: Build Your Emergency Supply Kit

If you don’t have an emergency supply kit, you need one. It is essential for wildfire preparedness, and something you should have for all types of disasters and emergencies. You can purchase various types of emergency kits, and that is not a bad starting point for your kit, but it really needs to be personalized […]

Wildfire Preparedness: Protect Your Home during Evacuation

If you get the order to evacuate, do not hesitate. Get out immediately. But, if you are on pre-evacuation notice, or if you believe evacuation is imminent, there are steps you can take to prepare your home so that it may be spared from destruction, your return home can go more smoothly, and fire fighters […]

Wildfire Preparedness: Creating Defensible Space

If you have ever seen aerial footage after a wildfire showing a lone home standing in the midst of a completely burned area, that was made possible by defensible space. Defensible space can save your home in a wildfire. It is a buffer zone between your house and the flames and intense heat of the […]

Wildfire Preparedness: Protecting Your Home and Property

When building, repairing, or remodeling your home, aim for fire-resistance. If your home is currently at high risk, consider making changes now to make it less likely to burn should there be a wildfire nearby. Even if the fire does not make it to your property, the embers can carry a very long distance and […]