Wildfire Preparedness: Protecting Your Home and Property

2463780_mWhen building, repairing, or remodeling your home, aim for fire-resistance. If your home is currently at high risk, consider making changes now to make it less likely to burn should there be a wildfire nearby. Even if the fire does not make it to your property, the embers can carry a very long distance and catch your house on fire. With the proper precautions, the fire may even come through your property and leave your home untouched.

  • Use roof material such as composition, tile, slate, or metal. If you must have wood shingles, or shakes, make sure they are pressure treated.
  • Cover vents with fine wire mesh.
  • Enclose eaves, soffits, and other openings.
  • Keep roof and gutters free of leaves and pine needles. Screen or enclose them so debris does not accumulate.
  • Windows should be double paned, with one pane made of tempered glass, so they are less likely to shatter from the heat of a wildfire and let embers in.
  • Use fireproof shutters for large windows and glass doors.
  • Use weather stripping around doors and your garage door to keep embers from blowing in.
  • Any wood such as siding, decks, and posts, should be treated with fire-retardant.
  • Patio covers and car ports should also be made of fire-resistant materials.
  • Make sure that your driveway is wide enough to accommodate emergency vehicles and free from flammable vegetation.
  • Gates should open inward, and be wide enough for emergency vehicles to pass through.
  • The entrance to your property should be clearly marked with your address, and easily readable from the road.
  • Consider installing fire sprinklers in your home.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher, rake, shovel, hoe, and bucket handy.
  • Have multiple water hoses, and make sure they are long enough to reach all areas of your home and all structures.
  • If you have a fence, use fire resistant or noncombustible fencing materials.
  • Create 100 feet of defensible space around your home and all structures.
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