Safety in the Home: Electric Cords and Outlets

6358821_mWe spend most of our time surrounded by electric cords and outlets. It’s something you may not think about often, but every cord and every outlet poses a danger if it is faulty or used improperly. By being observant and developing good habits, you can minimize the risk of fire, electric shock, and accidents such as falls and strangulation that can be caused by cords and outlets.

Electric Cord Safety Tips

  • Check cords regularly for nicks, fraying, and kinks.
  • Do not use electric cords for anything other than their intended purpose. They should never be used in place of rope, clothes line, leashes, or for jump ropes.
  • Do not tie knots in electric cords.
  • Make sure that cords are not in walkways where they can pose tripping hazards.
  • Keep cords away from cribs where they can pose a strangulation hazard.
  • Keep cords out of reach of small children who can pull small appliances, lamps and other items down off of cabinets and furniture injuring themselves and possibly causing a fire.
  • Do not modify the plug to make it fit into an outlet.
  • Do not run electric cords under rugs. The cord can get too hot and pose a fire hazard. If the cord becomes damaged it will not be visible.
  • Do not staple or nail cords into place. Use tape, twist ties, or zip ties to keep cords organized and where you want them.

Outlet Safety Tips

  • Outlets should be covered with secure plate that leave no wiring exposed.
  • Never try to force a plug into an outlet where it does not fit.
  • Do not overload your outlets with multiple extension cords and power strips.
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