Pet Food Recalls

Deadly Dangers for Pets and People It seems like there is a new pet food or treat recall every day. It is enough to frighten many pet owners into switching to homemade meals and treats, but for most that is not a realistic option. Pet food is recalled for a variety of reasons, and when […]

General Motors Follows in Toyota’s Footsteps with Recent Recalls Xnoon Ðz Hacked By Xnoon Ðz -New Security Comes With New Vulnerabilities-

With pending lawsuits prompting the recall of over 11 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles, General Motors has also recently recalled millions of their own vehicles for various reasons. Most recently, 1.6 million General Motors cars were confirmed to suffer from a faulty engine switch that can lead to the vehicle shutting down unexpectedly. Other GM […]

How Safe Is Your Motorcycle Helmet?

Defective Motorcycle Helmets Wearing a helmet can save your life and minimize brain injuries, but if your helmet is defective you will not be protected. Defective helmets can fail to stand up to impact, fail to provide enough cushioning, or come off completely during a crash failing to provide any protection at all. Even the […]

GM Announces Another Massive Recall

On Monday, March 17, 2014, General Motors announced three new recalls. Over 1.18 million vehicles were affected. According to the New York Times, the recalls have now reached over 4.8 million vehicles. The company says there have not been any injuries or deaths reported in connection with the defects prompting the recalls. GM is already […]

Graco Car Seat Recall

On February 11, 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that Graco was voluntarily recalling 11 models of its car seats. The recall affects over 3.7 million units. All of the recalled seats are toddler seats, but the NHTSA had requested that seven other models be recalled, which would expand the recall to […]

Rollover Auto Accident Injuries

Rollover accidents can cause severe and catastrophic injuries. They are often single-vehicle accidents, which means that victims can be left undiscovered and unattended for hours or even days. Rollover accidents are often the result of defects in the vehicle, but no matter the cause of the accident, the injuries themselves are often the result of […]

Child Safety: Crib Safety

A defective crib, and even a poorly placed crib, can create fatal hazards for your baby. Federal safety standards for cribs changed in mid-2011, and by the end of 2012 day care centers, other places where children are cared for, hotels and motels were supposed to have upgraded to cribs meeting the new standards, but […]

E-Cigarette Accidents on the Rise

E-cigarettes may seem like the perfect antidote to smoking bans, but you might want to think twice before bringing a device into your home. The liquid in the cartridges can cause poisoning, posing the greatest risk to children and pets. The devices themselves can malfunction and overheat while charging, causing fires. The batteries can explode […]

Electric Blankets

When it’s cold outside, an electric blanket can be so inviting. But, faulty or worn-out electric blankets can be deathtraps or cause serious injuries. Many communities conduct free electric blanket testing events, and some will even replace your unsafe blanket for free. It is not uncommon for 30%, 40% or more of the blankets tested […]