Pet Food Recalls

Deadly Dangers for Pets and People

9337519_mIt seems like there is a new pet food or treat recall every day. It is enough to frighten many pet owners into switching to homemade meals and treats, but for most that is not a realistic option. Pet food is recalled for a variety of reasons, and when it is contaminated with bacteria such as salmonella it is as dangerous to the humans in your household as it is for your dog or cat. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed a new rule to improve pet food safety, but even if it is implemented, consumers must be diligent in looking after their families’ safety.

Tips for Protecting Your Pets and Yourself from Dangerous Pet Food and Treats

  • Wash your pets’ food and water dishes daily.
  • Store wet foods that have been opened in a sealed container in the refrigerator.
  • Wash your hands after handling your pets’ food, treats, and dishes.
  • Check the FDA’s recall list frequently.
  • If your pet’s food or treats are recalled, stop using the product immediately. Do not just throw it in the trash. You can return it to the place of purchase. If you choose to throw it away, use a secure container that animals cannot get into.
  • If your pet has already consumed some of the recalled product, call your vet even if your pet is not showing signs of illness yet.
  • If your pet’s food or treats have not been recalled, but your pet becomes ill and you suspect that a pet food product could be the cause, save the packaging and labelling, and call your vet right away.
  • Report the problem to the store where you purchased the food or treat, the manufacturer, and the FDA.

If you or someone you love has developed salmonella or another illness that you suspect may have been caused by contaminated pet food or treats, please call us us at  We will find an experienced attorney near you who can help you.

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