With a background as a paralegal, focusing on criminal defense and civil rights, Sandra Dalton launched her freelance writing career in 2000 with a weekly column on Freedom for Suite 101 and pro bono projects for individuals and organizations supporting causes close to her heart. One of her first projects was for the Police Compliant Center writing about police misconduct. Sandra’s legal writing quickly expanded to include personal injury, animal welfare, criminal defense, disability discrimination, family law and much more.

Red Light Cameras Increase Crashes, May or May Not Reduce Severity

Red light cameras are highly controversial. They are hated by drivers, considered a violation of privacy by many, have been found unconstitutional by multiple courts, are banned in 10 states, and where they are installed accidents go up. And then there is the corruption issue. In January, 2016, Chicago’s former assistant transportation commissioner, John Bills, […]

Have Kids Under 6? Don’t Allow Laundry Pods in Your Home

Laundry pod poisoning is so common and so dangerous that people with children under six years old are now advised to keep them out of the house entirely. A recent study found that more than there were more than 22,000 calls to poison control centers regarding children under the age of six exposed to laundry […]

Cruise Ship Risks

When you think of the risk of drowning on a cruise ship, you probably envision being thrown overboard on rough seas, the ship sinking, or some other dramatic scene involving the ocean, its vastness, and the power of Mother Nature. You picture the kind of nightmarish event they make movies about. What you may not […]

Biking to Work Increases 60%

Just in time for National Bike Month, the U.S. Census Bureau has released its first report that focuses solely on bicycling and walking to work. According to the report, the number of people bicycling to work has increased by about 60% since the 2000 Census. Walking to work has increased, too, but not nearly as […]

Office Safety

Did you know that the rate of disabling fall injuries is two to two and a half times greater for office workers than non-office workers? We don’t typically think of an office as a dangerous work environment, but accidents in the office are quite common. In fact, it is probably because there are no massive […]

Top Three Tips for Women’s Health Week

National Women’s Health Week kicks off on Mother’s Day, May 8, 2016. It is a time for women to focus on taking control of their health and establishing good habits to maintain throughout the year. Here are our top three tips for what you can do for your health during Women’s Health Week. Commit to […]

Poka-Yoke is No Joke: Product Defects Hurting Business, Customers

Poka-yoke is a brilliant concept that protects businesses and consumers. It is a Japanese term for mistake-proofing. Poka-yoke aims to prevent foreseeable human error. The term is often used in manufacturing, but it applies to end-use products, too. For instance, your microwave oven will not start unless the door is closed. That’s poka-yoke. It protects […]

Self-Driving Cars and the Future of Auto Accidents

Self-driving cars are already here. While fully autonomous vehicles that require no human driver or occupant are a few years out, cars with self-driving features are already available. The hope is that fully autonomous vehicles will put an end to traffic fatalities. But accidents are inevitable during the experimental and transitional phase when new technology […]

4 Ways That Spring Cleaning Can Kill You

Just knowing that spring cleaning can kill you is a good excuse to skip it, but for those who choose to brave the dangerous task, here are four deadly cleaning dangers, and how to avoid them. Deadly Fumes Never mix bleach with anything. You may already know that mixing bleach and ammonia creates a deadly […]