Office Safety


Did you know that the rate of disabling fall injuries is two to two and a half times greater for office workers than non-office workers? We don’t typically think of an office as a dangerous work environment, but accidents in the office are quite common.

In fact, it is probably because there are no massive and obvious threats, like heavy equipment or explosives, that we tend to be so lax when it comes to office safety. Here are some tips to keep you safe at the office.


  • Keep drawers and cabinets closed when not in use
  • Keep pathways clear of boxes, paperwork, and cords
  • Maintain adequate lighting in hallways and walkways

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Simply tossing your laptop on a table might work in a pinch, but working that way for long periods of time will come back to haunt you. Ergonomics matter. Carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems, chronic headaches, and vision problems are among the long-term problems caused by poor ergonomics. The right chair, screen height, keyboard/mouse setup and more fall into ergonomics. This must be customized for each person and their needs, but it cannot be overlooked.

Accidents Involving Office Tools and Materials

File cabinets and office equipment can tip over and seriously injure or kill you. Get distracted using a paper cutter, and you can lose a finger. Heavy boxes or stacks of paper can fall off of shelves, causing serious injuries.

  • Be mindful when storing supplies.
  • Don’t store heavy items on high shelves.
  • Stack supplies in a manner that is stable.
  • Pay attention when using office tools and equipment, even if it seems like a mindless, repetitive task.

If You Are Injured

If you are injured at the office, you can claim Workers’ Compensation benefits. Workers’ Comp is for all types of employees, not just those who are obviously at high risk for injury. It is an insurance policy that your employer is required to carry for your protection. You do not need to prove fault, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone did anything wrong to cause your injuries, but it will cover your medical expenses and replace a portion of your lost income.

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