Brain Injuries in Skiing Accident

Formula One Champion, Michael Schumacher, Suffers Brain Injuries in Skiing Accident Seven-time Formula One world champion, Michael Schumacher, suffered serious brain injuries in a skiing accident on December 29, 2013. After two surgeries he has shown some signs of improvement, but doctors are not ready to speculate on his prognosis. He will spend his 45th […]

Staying Safe in Large Crowds

Large crowds, by nature, can suddenly turn dangerous. Accidents can easily occur, groups can get separated, and crowds can become violent when they get wrapped up in the excitement of the event. There is always the risk of fire, building collapse, and sadly, intentional criminal and terrorist attacks. It’s enough to make you want to […]

Safety of 2014 Olympics

Back to Back Bombings in Volgograd Cast Doubt on Safety of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics A least 31 people have been killed, and over 60 injured, in two linked suicide bombings which occurred less than 24 hours apart in Volgograd, Russia, on December 29th an 30th. Although 400 miles away from Sochi, Volgograd, formerly known […]

Using Extension Cords Safely

Extension cords are indispensable in many households, and something most of us use without a second thought, but when used improperly, they can cause burns and shocks and start fires. Over 3,000 house fires are started by extension cords each year. Extension cords also pose a tripping hazard, leading to more than half of all […]

Tips for Finding Safe Toys

With Christmas in the rear view mirror, it may be time to move on to new subjects, but in our opinion, it is never too late to think about your child’s safety – particularly when it comes for the toys you buy for him. You would think that in this day and age, with such […]

The Danger of Concussions in Sports

The real consequences of sports-related brain injuries and concussions in sports are coming to light, and the more we learn the worse it looks for athletes at all levels, even young players who never move beyond high school sports. Concussions are deceptive. They seem like minor injuries, and sometimes go unnoticed, but researchers who study […]

Playground Safety Tips

Playgrounds are part of childhood fun, and they are a great way to get you kid off the couch in a day and age when most children do not get enough physical activity. However, they can be riddled with hazards. Over 200,000 kids are treated in emergency rooms each year for playground injuries. You can […]

Deep Fry a Turkey Safely

Deep frying a turkey can be very dangerous. However, we know that some of you are going to do it anyway, and there are some precautions that can minimize the risks. Turkey fryers pose a substantial ire risk because they get so hot and hold a large amount of oil, which can spread if the […]

Christmas Tree Safety

Christmas tree accidents can turn the holiday season into a tragedy. Real trees pose greater safety risks than artificial trees, but contrary to popular belief, a fake tree can still pose a fire hazard, and both can pose other safety hazards. We recommend following the necessary safety precautions and choosing the type of tree that […]