Accident Injuries Can Cause Sleep Disorders

25197026_mIn addition to more obvious physical injuries, accident victims are often plagued by sleep disorders which can be caused by their injuries or by the emotional trauma of the accident. Sleep disorders are common in brain injury and burn injury victims, but can occur in any type of accident victim. Impaired sleep can interfere with physical healing. Long-term sleep deprivation can cause life-threatening health disorders, and lack of sleep can lead to serious accidents.

Accidents and Injuries Cause Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation in Many Ways

  • Accidents can cause post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), leading to sleeping disorders.
  • Accident victims often suffer from hyper vigilance, or the need to stay on high alert.
  • Injuries can cause disruptions in the hormones and chemicals in the body which govern sleep.
  • Pain, itching, difficulty moving and other physical discomfort can interfere with sleep.
  • Some types of injuries can cause sleep apnea.
  • Medications used to treat accident injuries and secondary conditions can disrupt sleep.
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