What is Dram Shop and Social Host Liability in Drunk Driving Accidents?

4507513_mAlthough drunk drivers can legally be held responsible for the injuries and deaths that they cause, there are many reasons why that avenue of compensation may not yield nearly enough to cover your medical expenses and other losses, and in some cases there may be no compensation available from the guilty driver. However, dram shop and social host liability laws may provide a realistic avenue of compensation for your injuries.

What is Dram Shop and Social Host Liability?

Dram shop laws hold the establishments that sell and serve alcohol responsible for accidents caused by the drunks they have served. In the same vein, people who serve or provide alcohol in their homes, usually during parties or gatherings, can be held responsible under social host liability.

In some cases, these liability laws even allow drunk drivers who are injured to collect from those who served them. This is referred to as “first-party” dram shop or social host liability.

Different in Each State

Before you get excited about how these laws can help in your case, you need to know that they vary greatly from state-to-state. Some states are very favorable to injury victims in holding dram shops and social hosts responsible while others only hold these parties responsible under very limited circumstances, such as knowingly serving alcohol to minors.

Getting Help

Dram shop and social host liability cases are complicated and can be hard to win. The laws in your state will determine whether you even have a case, and the quality of legal representation that you have will be pivotal. Through investigation and an in-depth understanding of your local laws are critical to proving that your case meets the criteria for compensation under dram shop and social host liability.

To find a highly credentialed drunk driving accident attorney, with a proven history of success, in your area, contact us today.


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