Top 5 Personal Injury Resources

1. Personal Injury Claims Personal injury covers a very wide range of accidents and injuries for which you can recover compensation. Car accidents, slip and fall, swimming pool accidents, and nursing home negligence are just a few examples of the types of cases that fall under personal injury. Personal injury damages can include medical expenses, […]

Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and while awareness about traumatic brain injuries has risen in the past few years due to an increasing amount of scrutiny in the media and professional sports, it should be noted that brain injury victims are not just limited to athletes. Many soldiers also suffer traumatic brain injuries as […]

Do Concussions Cause More Suicide?

A recent study published by the Canadian Medical Association journal found that people who have suffered concussions are more likely to die by suicide, although the incidence remains rare. Researchers at the University of Toronto examined 235,000+ adults who had suffered concussions over a 20-year period. This group was found to have an incidence rate […]

Yet Another Former NFL Player Diagnosed With CTE

Ken Stabler, who quarterbacked the Oakland Raiders for most of the 1970s, can now be added to the growing list of former NFL players who have suffered from CTE. A post-humus examination of Stabler’s brain revealed to Boston University researchers that Stabler had developed chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disease that scientists believe is caused […]

A History of Football Safety

Full text: Presented by Humans began crafting stone balls in Scotland more than 5,200 years ago. The Neolithic balls were about the size of a Pokéball, which is about the size of a racket ball. The Ancient Aborigines, the Ancient Chinese, the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Mesoamericans…Basically everyone from everywhere balled. Homer wrote about […]

Football Safety: Theodore Roosevelt and the Forward Pass

With the release of the movie “Concussion”, American football is dealing with some difficult issues. The long-term harm to players, caused by repeated head trauma, can no longer be denied or downplayed. Many professional players now say they do not want their kids to play and some say they would forbid it. While the sport […]

Getting Started as a Caregiver

November is National Family Caregivers Month. If you are new to caregiving, you are probably overwhelmed by facing the transition and wondering what steps you will need to take. Of course, each situation is unique, but there are some common elements and some things you can do in the beginning that will make life much […]

Coping When Someone You Love Suffers a Brain Injury

Brain injury survivors have a very tough road to recovery, and so do the people that love them. If someone you love has suffered a brain injury, especially someone you are very close to such as a spouse or significant other, the feeling of loss and isolation that you experience can be as overwhelming as […]

In Concussion Will Smith Portrays Doctor who Revealed Brain Disease in NFL Players

The movie, Concussion, is set to hit theaters in December, 2015. It tells the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu and his battle with the NFL after he discovered the brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and its connection to football. When he published his findings in the journal Neurosurgery, in 2005, the NFL went to […]