Surgeon General Warns Teens of E-Cigarettes

On Thursday, the US Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, voiced his concern about the growing number of youth using e-cigarettes. “Contradictory to the believe of many,” Murthy stated, “the aerosol that is produced by e-cigarettes is not harmless water vapor, for either the user, or for those who inhale it second hand.” Murthy notes that nicotine, […]

Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and while awareness about traumatic brain injuries has risen in the past few years due to an increasing amount of scrutiny in the media and professional sports, it should be noted that brain injury victims are not just limited to athletes. Many soldiers also suffer traumatic brain injuries as […]

Thanks for Thanksgiving

The 1st American Thanksgiving happened in 1621 after the Pilgrims’ 1st successful harvest of maize. (Historic tip: Use fish fertilizer.) Most commonly known as corn, this grass was domesticated by the Mayans over 9,000 years ago. However, it wasn’t until 1863 that Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a permanent national holiday and only after Sarah […]

The Most Common Hunting Accident will Surprise You

When you hear “hunting accident” the first thing that probably comes to mind is an accidental shooting. It turns out that the most common type of hunting accidents are tree stand accidents. In fact, according to Tree Stand Safety Awareness (TSSA) tree stand accidents are the number one cause of serious injury and death to deer […]

Two Students Killed in Houston School Bus Accident

Two students were killed in a school bus accident in Houston this morning. The bus driver and the other two students on board were hospitalized. Witnesses were shocked and horrified watching the bus nosedive off the overpass, flip over, and land on its side on the embankment below. The accident was reportedly caused by another […]

Tailgating Vs. Tailgating

Everything you ever wanted to know about tailgating but were too afraid to ask. Warning: The information contained in this infographic is both informational and graphical in nature. That is why it is called an infographic. They could have also tried “graphrmational” but that sounds funny and there are four consonants in a row, which […]

Do I Have A Brain Injury?

May is Mental Health Month, and it would be remiss to skip over the very serious impact that brain injury can have on mental health. Unidentified brain injury is a very common problem that can negatively affect your life. The injury may have happened recently or many years ago, even in childhood. The symptoms are […]