Liability for a Vehicle Mishap on the Road – What You Need to Know

In car crashes, most car accident attorneys look at the liability that falls almost only on the drivers, private individuals. In consequence, insurance companies settle up. Some states have no-fault systems. In the rest of the states, damages depend on how much insurance the at-fault driver has. It’s rare that a component of the car […]

Pre-existing Injury – How it will affect your Car Accident Claim

Being injured is a normal part of life. If you are lucky you’re injuries will heal quickly and you can forget about them completely. However, some people have to live with their injuries for the rest of their lives. Injuries such as knee or shoulder injuries from sports activities or chronic back pain developed from […]

Out of State Auto Crashes: What Should I Do?

According to the AAA, just over one third of Americans drive while on vacation each year, these rates increase as gas prices drop. Inevitably, car crashes between out-of-state drivers are going to happen, so what should you do in this situation? Let’s start by answering some common questions. Which State Laws Are in Effect? If […]

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Dealing With Insurance Claims

Settling insurance claims can sometimes be a complicated matter. Even if you only had a slight fender-bender, there are still large mistakes that people can make when dealing with insurance companies and claims adjusters. In order to make sure that you receive a fair amount for your claim, you should read through this list of […]