Fetal Distress and Cerebral Palsy

Fetal distress is a term used to describe the situation in which a fetus does not receive enough oxygen, whether during pregnancy or during the birthing process. When a fetus, or baby, suffers from a lack of oxygen (asphyxia), the results can be devastating. For this reason, medical professionals such as the doctors and nurses […]

Quiet Car Rule to Protect Pedestrians

One of the selling points of electric cars and many new model vehicles is that they have quiet engines. Gone are the days when drivers sought powerful, fast and noisy engines. Many of the new cars in the market feature quiet engines at low speed. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), […]

Auto Accidents During Pregnancy

If you are in an auto accident while you are pregnant, you should get checked out right away. Even if it was just a fender bender and you feel fine, you need to go to your doctor or the emergency room and make sure you haven’t suffered placental abruption or another injury that can be […]

More American Babies Dying

September is Baby Safety Month. Nothing highlights the need for more awareness and action, when it comes to baby safety, than the statistics on infant mortality in the U.S. compared to other countries. There are many factors that contribute to infant mortality rates, including premature birth. What is most shocking is that we rank so […]

New Study Suggests That Child Sleep Duration May Correlate With Adolescent Obesity

A study that was recently published on The Pediatric Journal shows evidence that the amount of sleep your child gets at a young age (about four and a half years old), impacts the chances of him or her being obese as a teenager. Study Logistics The study participants were also a part of the Eunice […]

Safety During Heat Waves

At least four people have died in a heat wave in Philadelphia this month. Six heat-related deaths were reported in July, when a heat wave hit central and eastern U.S. One of those victims was a 12-year-old child who died of heat stroke while hiking in Arizona. There were an average of 618 heat-related deaths […]

Salute to Service Animals

Most people are familiar with “seeing eye dogs” for the blind, and even service dogs who assist people in wheelchairs, but many are still unaware of the life-changing, and sometimes life-saving, assistance that service animals provide for people with invisible disabilities and for children with serious health conditions. Service animals are a lifeline for people […]

Sexy Swimsuits Shun Safety

Heightened awareness of the risks of UV exposure and skin cancer, not to mention premature aging, have been successful in sending many of us running for the sunscreen aisle, seeking out better, more effective sun protection products, and opting spray tans instead of the real thing. But sexy swimsuits are still the hallmark for fun […]

The Truth Behind High School Football – Football Safety Series

The 2016 high school football season is on the horizon, and in some states practice begins this month. With over 1 million players, high school football is still wildly popular, but participation is declining, some schools have dropped their football programs, and some doctors are calling for a ban on tackle football in high schools. […]