The Danger of Concussions in Sports

The real consequences of sports-related brain injuries and concussions in sports are coming to light, and the more we learn the worse it looks for athletes at all levels, even young players who never move beyond high school sports. Concussions are deceptive. They seem like minor injuries, and sometimes go unnoticed, but researchers who study […]

Playground Safety Tips

Playgrounds are part of childhood fun, and they are a great way to get you kid off the couch in a day and age when most children do not get enough physical activity. However, they can be riddled with hazards. Over 200,000 kids are treated in emergency rooms each year for playground injuries. You can […]

Deep Fry a Turkey Safely

Deep frying a turkey can be very dangerous. However, we know that some of you are going to do it anyway, and there are some precautions that can minimize the risks. Turkey fryers pose a substantial ire risk because they get so hot and hold a large amount of oil, which can spread if the […]

Christmas Tree Safety

Christmas tree accidents can turn the holiday season into a tragedy. Real trees pose greater safety risks than artificial trees, but contrary to popular belief, a fake tree can still pose a fire hazard, and both can pose other safety hazards. We recommend following the necessary safety precautions and choosing the type of tree that […]

Winter Power Outages – Home Safety

Severe winter weather can cause a power outage at one of the worst possible times. We have already seen severe storms and blackouts, even in areas of the country that rarely have snow and ice. And the season is just getting started. When a blackout is caused by a winter storm, you can face the […]

Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Although we tend to focus on drunk driving, impaired driving includes drugged driving, and for the last several years fatal accidents involving drugs have been on the rise. December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, and a time to remind drivers that impairment is not limited to too much partying during the holidays, but includes […]

Electric Blankets

When it’s cold outside, an electric blanket can be so inviting. But, faulty or worn-out electric blankets can be deathtraps or cause serious injuries. Many communities conduct free electric blanket testing events, and some will even replace your unsafe blanket for free. It is not uncommon for 30%, 40% or more of the blankets tested […]

Carbon Monoxide: Winter’s Silent Killer

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over 400 Americans die of accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, and 20,000 are forced to visit the emergency room due to CO poisoning each year. CO poisoning can happen any time of the year, but it most common in the winter when we shut ourselves […]

School Bus Safety

They say that riding the school bus is the safest way for kids to get to school and back, but it can be a scary step for parents who worry about all the things that can happen along the way. School bus collisions are rare and when they occur, they usually cause more injuries to […]