Top 5 Defective Product Resources

1. Product Liability Accidents

If a defective product caused your accident, it changes the nature of your case and who can be held financially liable for your injuries. Defective products are behind all kinds of accidents and it is often only through a thorough investigation by an experienced product liability attorney that the true cause of the accident is revealed so that the victim can collect the full compensation they deserve.

2. Defective Vehicle Lawsuits

Auto recalls are making big headlines, but many defective vehicles are not yet subject to a recall and the majority of recalls never make the news. You could be driving a car that is a virtual ticking time bomb right now. Some defects do not cause crashes, but make injuries worse when an accident happens.

3. Drug Injuries Caused by Dangerous and Defective Drugs

Drugs can be defective in many ways, and most dangerous drugs are never recalled. Drug companies are often well aware of dangerous and deadly side effects, but hide the evidence so they can profit from their defective products.

4. Child Safety: Crib Safety

It is terrifying to think about the hidden dangers of baby cribs, but there are some things that you can do to keep your baby as safe as possible. Checking for recalls is the first step, but parents have to do more to prevent injuries and death as a result of dangerous, defective, and just poorly placed cribs.

5. Pet Food Recalls

As if losing a pet due to the negligence and greed of a pet food maker or its suppliers weren’t bad enough, contaminated pet food can sicken and even kill the people in your household, too. But, there are steps that you can take to minimize the risks to your pets, yourself, and at-risk household members such as infants and those with compromised immune systems.

These resources can help you spot and protect yourself from defective products, and help you identify accidents that may have been caused by a defective product, but if you are ready for legal help, the best resource is a highly qualified attorney.

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