Questions About Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits


What should I do after a motorcycle accident?

In brief, you should:

  • Assess injuries

  • Move to safety

  • Contact authorities

  • Exchange information

  • Document the accident scene

  • Do not talk to insurance company representatives

  • Get medical attention

  • Contact a motorcycle accident attorney

For more detailed instructions, please see What to do after a car accident.

I don’t think I was hurt in my motorcycle accident, why should I go to the doctor?

Many injuries from a motorcycle accident may be hard to identify right away. They may have very subtle symptoms, or initially no symptoms at all. Going to the doctor can document injuries and may also be important to show that your injuries relate to your accident and aren’t pre-existing conditions.

What injury symptoms should I be looking for after my motorcycle accident?

Two of the most important common injuries from a motorcycle accident are brain injury and spine injury. Watch for these common brain injury symptoms:

  • Confusion

  • Dizziness

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Moodiness

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering

You should also watch out for symptoms of spine injury:

  • Back pain

  • Pain in other parts of your body that seem to be free of injury

  • Numbness or tingling

  • Weakness in your limbs

If you experience these symptoms, you should contact your doctor to document the symptoms and have a good record.

My insurance company says they can’t help me if I won’t talk to them or release my medical records. What should I do?

Your insurance company is mostly looking to help themselves. They want to get multiple statements in the hope of finding something that gives them an excuse not to pay for your motorcycle accident injuries. Most of the information they need is in your official statement to the police. For other types of information, this is best handled by someone with the experience to know what information they truly need, and what they want in order to fish for reasons to deny your claim.

My insurance company is offering me more money than I’ve ever seen at one time. Should I take it?

No matter how much money your insurance company is offering you, you can be sure they’re only offering it because they’re afraid they’ll have to pay you more. Whenever you get an offer from an insurance company, have someone else look over it, preferably an experienced lawyer who can tell you if it’s fair or not.

When should I contact an accident attorney about my motorcycle accident lawsuit?

You should contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney any time you are feeling overwhelmed in trying to deal with the outcome of your accident. In addition to potentially helping you get compensation, they can give you good advice for dealing with the aftermath of your accident. You should also contact a lawyer when:

  • You receive a diagnosis and treatment plan for your injuries

  • You receive an offer from your insurance company

  • You are being harassed by an insurance company for more information

Accident attorneys offer free consultations, so it costs you nothing to talk to a lawyer, and they can often be a great help.

If you are looking for a local motorcycle accident attorney to help you with your claim, please contact today.