Defective Appliances Can Cause House Fires

It sounds like a scene out of Maximum Overdrive. You hear noise in the kitchen, and when you go to investigate, the microwave has turned on all on its own, electricity arcing inside until it cracks the turntable and scorches the bottom of the oven. But it’s not fiction. According to Consumer Reports, that is […]

Escalator Injuries on the Rise

In 2013 there were 12,260 escalator-related injuries and deaths. That’s two and a half times the 4,900 reported in 1990. While there are only about 35,000 escalators compared to 900,000 elevators in the U.S., there are 18 times as many escalator accidents as elevator accidents. Although entrapment accidents tend to make the headlines, falls are […]

Pedestrian Safety: Pedestrian Deaths Still High

Based on preliminary data, it looks like the number of pedestrian death for 2014 will be the same as the previous year, which is about 15% higher than in 2009. This is in spite of a 25% decrease in traffic fatalities overall, over the last decade. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) an […]

Vision Zero: The Movement to End All Traffic Fatalities within the Next 10 Years

In 1997, Sweden adopted a policy called Vision Zero. The goal was to end all traffic fatalities, and 10 years later they had cut their fatality rate in half. The current goal is zero fatalities by 2020. Several U.S. cities have begun adopting plans to end traffic fatalities within the next 10 years, using Sweden’s […]

Safety Breakthrough: Nine 2011 Vehicles with No Driver Deaths

A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found nine 2011 model vehicles that had no recorded deaths of drivers. It is an amazing accomplishment in motor vehicle safety. Just eight years ago there were no models that had zero recorded deaths. And deaths are down substantially, overall. The last study, in […]

Winter Accidents Are Coming

There is no longer a hint of winter in the morning air. Winter is here! This means, slick roads, blizzard conditions, and untold dangers lurk in the cold. When temperatures drop it’s important that you become aware of the hazards. Check out our latest epic infographic about winter accidents. And remember, safety isn’t a game. […]

November 2014 – Accident Statistics

By November of each year many states across North America have seen their first snowfall. This means there’s likely been a jump in traffic, truck, and pedestrian accidents. This cold weather also means an increase in slip and fall accidents – as sidewalks and streets become icy. Most, if not all, of these accidents could […]

October 2014 – Accident Statistics often researches and posts interesting and important accident information online as part of our mission to help prevent accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured in accident, please take some time to learn about the possible legal ramifications and make sure you find a top rated attorney. For more information checkout […]