Caregivers: Emergency Preparedness

11048190_mWhether you have never really prepared for emergencies or you had a thorough and detailed plan, or maybe your injured loved one was the person who took charge of these things, as a caregiver for someone with serious injuries you need an updated plan that will accommodate your loved one’s needs. This is something that has to be customized to your family and your area, but there are some basics that can help you get started.

Making Your Plan

  • If your loved one is able to participate in planning, get him involved, especially if he used to handle this sort of thing for the household.
  • Figure out what you will do for transportation if your loved one is physically disabled, bedridden, or dependent on medical equipment.
  • If your loved one uses special medical equipment, such as oxygen or a ventilator, you need a back-up power source and probably a way to power the equipment while travelling if you must go to a shelter or another location.
  • Locate the nearest shelters that can accommodate your loved one’s needs. Plan the safest route and alternate routes you will take to get there in an emergency.
  • Stock up on essential supplies such as medications, special foods or food replacements, and incontinency supplies.
  • Find out where and how to turn off the gas to your home if necessary.
  • Designate an emergency contact person outside of your area so you can coordinate with family members who are not at home when a disaster strikes.
  • Make a list of emergency contact numbers and put it in a place that it easy to find. Do put it in your phone, but also make a real on-paper list.
  • Make sure your neighbors know about your situation and find out who you can count on for help.


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