What Type of Evidence is Used in a Car Accident Case?

Getting in a motor vehicle accident is a scary, harrowing event. No one expects to get in a crash, even though hundreds of people across the country get in these accidents daily. When you contact an experienced accident attorney to handle your case, they will work to gather evidence to build the case.

Examples of common types of evidence include:

  • Photographs. Photographs taken at the scene, as well as photographs of your injuries, damage to the vehicles, or any other relevant photos. These images can be very helpful to a case.
  • The police report. The police respond to the scene and make a report. This official document may be very important to your case. Usually an attorney can help you get a copy of the report or get it for you.
  • Testimonies of eyewitnesses. When an accident victim has the contact information of eyewitnesses, it is a good thing. These witnesses can corroborate what took place at the scene. The police record may also contain witness information or testimony.
  • Your medical records. The history of the necessary medical care as well as the expenses are an important part of your case. After all, your attorney will be seeking compensation for current and future related medical expenses, so the record of treatments, diagnoses, prescriptions, and care is essential.
  • Any other bills related to your injuries. Your attorney may ask for any documentation, mail, bills, or communication regarding missed work, lost income, bills for rehabilitative treatments, and bills for in-home care. All of these costs – if related to the injury – are a core part of your claim.

There may be other evidence relevant to your case, but that cannot be determined without first talking to an attorney about your case. That is why it is important to act quickly. Your health should be your number one priority. Schedule a doctor’s appointment and then contact an attorney soon after.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or pedestrian accident, then you should talk to an attorney about your options for pursuing compensation. Please search our directory to find an experienced attorney in your area.