Time Change Safety

1374098_mlNovember 2 is the end of Daylight Savings Time in 2014. If you are like most people, you look forward to the hour gained and the chance to get a little extra sleep. It’s not just a novelty. Going back to Standard Time has real health and safety benefits. For instance, when we return to Standard Time auto accidents and heart attacks are reduced. However, there are some safety concerns to watch out for after the change.

The Evening Commute

Possibly the biggest danger is the change in lighting for the evening commute. Going back to Standard Time means suddenly driving home at dusk, for many workers. Dusk and dawn are the most challenging times of day for drivers, and visibility is actually worse at dusk than it is in full darkness.

For drivers 40 and over age-related vision changes can make driving at dusk even more difficult. The time change can mean driving at this time of day for the first time in months and you may discover that your vision has changed during those months.

Prepare for the time change by having your vision checked and making sure that your headlights are working, properly aligned, and are not fogged up.


Pedestrians are at an elevated risk for being hit by a car during dusk and dawn, and when the time changes you may find yourself walking at dusk. Remember that you are less visible to drivers, and be extra vigilant about making sure that drivers see you before you cross the road. Wear bright clothing and try to make yourself more visible if you must walk near traffic.

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