T-Bone Accident Injuries

585566_lT-bone, or side impact, accidents are more likely to cause serious injuries than front and rear end collisions, partly because the side of the vehicle does not offer as much protection as the engine compartment or the space that a trunk or truck bed provides. Seatbelts offer little protection from this type of impact. Most vehicles are not yet equipped with side-impact airbags, and even in those which are the protection they offer is limited.

Common T-Bone Accident Injuries

Obviously, the person on the side of the vehicle which is struck is usually more severely injured than those on the opposite side of the vehicle, and the side of the body on which the impact occurs typically sustains the most serious injuries.

Common side impact injuries include:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Face injuries
  • Ear injuries and hearing loss
  • Eye injuries
  • Spine fracture in the neck
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Leg, hip, and pelvic injuries
  • Arm and shoulder injuries
  • Organ damage on the side of impact

In addition to injuries caused by the impact, victims of T-bone accidents can be trapped in the vehicle, requiring extreme measures to free them, and delaying medical treatment which can lead to worsening of injuries and development of additional injuries.

T-bone accident injuries can be caused by the oncoming vehicle penetrating the vehicle it hits, striking and crushing victims inside. Shattered glass, is often responsible for eye injuries and severe cuts. Air bags can also cause injuries in these crashes, including facial and ear injuries.