Spring Break? More Like Spring Broke

Most college and high school students look forward to spring break as a high point of the year. A roaring week of freedom and good times to break up the monotony as the school year draws to a close. The counterpoint to a family-centered winter break. But for far too many, spring break ends in disaster, if not tragedy. Don’t let it happen to you. Auto accidents, assaults, and arrests are just a few of the dangers that ride on the coattails of what should be a great memory. Be aware and learn how to minimize your risks.

Spring Break Auto Accidents

It’s not just hype. A study by the University of Miami found that there really is a significant spike in traffic fatalities in popular spring break destinations during spring break. They looked at 14 locations in seven states from the last week of February through the first week of April. Here are a few things they discovered:

  • Traffic fatalities went up 9.1% during spring break season compared to the rest of the year
  • More of those fatalities involved out-of-state drivers than in-state drivers
  • Drivers younger than 25 years old were involved in fatal accidents more often than older drivers

Trouble with The Law

Something else to avoid during spring break is getting arrested. Your standard precautions always apply. Don’t drink and drive or just get so drunk that you do something stupid. One way to minimize trouble is plan ahead for alternative transportation if you will be drinking, whether it’s a designated driver, taxi or ride share.

Another thing to keep in mind in 2016, is the backlash from 2015. Panama City Beach had some highly publicized horrific events last year. This year they are cracking down, and that includes banning alcohol on the beach. Surrounding areas are preparing for the spillover and intend to be tough on partiers who get out of hand.

When you head out for spring break this year, don’t forget to pack your common sense. If you do get injured in an accident while out-of-town, you’ll need to talk to an experienced, local accident attorney.

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