Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Biting

18185891_l_2When people bring a dog into their home, the last thing they want is to cause other people pain. Fortunately, with good training and socialization, the vast majority of dogs don’t bite. Additionally, when people pay close attention to changes in their dog’s body language, they can help prevent dog bite accidents from happening.

Preventing your Dog from Biting

It is very important to make sure that your dog is well socialized. Some breeds and dogs may prefer to spend more time alone, but they can still learn how to behave appropriately. The more your dog encounters positive experiences and reinforcement around other dogs and people, the more comfortable he or she will become. Some trainers suggest the following socialization tools:

  • Proper use of leashes and restraints
  • Non-aggressive games
  • Teaching basic commands, such as “sit” and “stay”
  • Ensure that dogs are always supervised around other dogs and young children
  • Proactively taking dogs out of stressful situations, such as aggressive dogs at dog parks

Each state has its own laws on leashes. It would be very beneficial to know laws about leashes and restraints to protect yourself and your dog. Another way to ensure safety is to pay attention to your dog’s body language.

Dog Bite Safety – Dog Body Language

Dogs usually are easy to read, especially as you get to know your canine companion better. There are some very subtle differences between a relaxed and happy dog and a dog that is agitated. However, even if your dog is generally happy, some situations may be overwhelming. If your dog is sick, it may not be as patient. Dogs can also become aggressive when other people or dogs appear to threaten their families or their territories. As dogs become older, they may have a more difficult time moving around, which can stress them out. Pay attention to dogs around you, especially if the hair on their back is raised or they are growling.
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