Rental Car Accidents Explained

Rental Car Accidents

Rental Car Accident Claims

Accidents involving rental cars are more complicated than other auto accidents. Although many aspects of your case will be the same, there are some variables when it comes to liability and insurance coverage. The laws of the state where the accident occurred will apply to your accident, even if you live in another state. You need to talk to an experienced auto accident attorney in the state where your accident happened.

Who Pays for Rental Car Accidents?

Depending on the unique circumstances of your accident, one or more of the following may pay for injuries and/or property damage in a rental car accident:

  • Rental car driver’s auto insurance
  • Insurance purchased by rental car driver from rental car company
  • Coverage associated with the credit card used to rent the car
  • Driver of non-rental car’s insurance
  • Rental car company or its insurance company, in rare cases

In most cases the rental car company is not liable for accidents involving their vehicles, but there are some exceptions:

  • Inadequate vehicle maintenance leading to malfunction causing your accident
  • Negligent entrustment, such as renting a car to a person who is visibly intoxicated or does not hold a valid driver’s license

Rental Cars and Insurance

One of the most confusing parts of an accident involving a rental car is determining which insurance policy or policies apply. Talking to an experienced auto accident attorney right away can ensure that you file your claim properly from the very start, to avoid problems down the road, losing your right to compensation, or possibly finding yourself held liable.

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