Recovering From a Car Accident: What You Can Do in the First Three Days to Speed Healing

If your car accident didn’t put you in the hospital, you may think it is fine to go right back to business as usual. Don’t do it. The steps you take immediately after an accident and over the next three days can make the difference between a full, speedy recovery and a prolonged process of pain possibly ending in permanent injuries. You may not feel like you are injured right away. Your adrenaline is high right after an accident. Pain, stiffness and swelling typically peak three days after an injury or trauma. Taking care of yourself during the first three days can stop the progression of injuries so you can feel better faster.

First, Get Checked Out

You need to seek medical attention after an accident, even if you don’t think you are injured. A seemingly minor “bump on the head” or whiplash with no blow to the head can cause brain injuries with damage that continues to progress over the next 72 hours and can become fatal, even if you feel OK initially.

Rest, but do Move Around

You may feel too amped up to kick back or take a nap immediately after your accident, but your body needs rest to start the healing process:

  • Don’t go to work
  • Do not workout
  • No heavy lifting
  • No major grocery shopping
  • Let the housecleaning go

On the other hand, lying around in bed for three days won’t do you any favors either, and you will wind up stiff and sore. Do get up and move around. Walking is great at this point.

Arnica and Ice

Take homeopathic Arnica montana as soon as possible after your accident. It helps to prevent bruising and swelling and speeds recovery. Athletes and dancers use it to recover from their injuries. Cosmetic surgeons recommend taking it before and after surgery to speed recovery.

Ice your injuries. The healing power of ice cannot be overstated. It may seem too simple, but it really works.


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