Protecting your Child from Dog Bites

10672007_mChildren are inquisitive by nature, and the subject of their curiosity is often living creatures around them, including dogs. Many people in various communities have dogs, and they can be terrific companions for children. However, for a variety of reasons, dogs can bite children, and these bites can cause serious injuries and complications. Millions of dog bites occur every year, and over half of these bites happen to children under the age of 14.

Dog bites involving children can cause physical and emotional damage that can last a lifetime. One of the reasons why dog bites involving children can be so bad is because children are smaller and more likely to bitten in the face. Severe scarring of the face can cause a lifetime of pain.
There are some ways that you can protect your child from getting bitten by a dog.

Preventive Behavior around Dogs

The first thing to take into consideration is that every breed can bite. While there are some breeds that may be more aggressive than others, even small and fluffy dogs can still inflict pain. It is very important to be aware that even the most well trained dog can snap under situations of extreme stress. In addition to keeping close supervision on your child, the following safety guidelines can be helpful:

  • Don’t tease the dog
  • Give dogs space – never corner them
  • Only pet dogs with permission
  • Let the dog sniff you before petting it – extend hands out with fingers together
  • Don’t jump on dogs
  • Don’t approach dogs when they are sleeping, with their puppies, or eating

If a Dog Bite Occurs

If the worst has happened, it is very important to take your child to a doctor right away. Some dog bites can be very serious, resulting in broken bones or muscle damage. In some situations, dogs may transmit infections such as rabies. Make sure that the doctor knows what happened. In addition, get the following information from the dog’s owner:

  • Name and address
  • Dog’s medical history, especially vaccinations
  • Whether the dog has bitten an individual before
  • Be sure to keep track of all information and witness contacts if possible.

Consult an Accident Attorney

Sometimes all the caution in the world is not enough. If your child has been bitten by a dog, it is very important to ensure that your child receives medical treatment right away. Additionally, without a qualified accident attorney, you may not be able to get compensation for injuries and suffering. Please call an accident lawyer as soon as possible.