Pelvis Injury Claims

Pelvis Injury Claims

You’ve been involved in a car wreck and received your diagnosis. It’s a pelvic fracture. Now, you not only have to put up with the pain of the injuries but also have to pay for treatment and face the fact that you will have to miss work.

However, if your injury was the result of another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Types of fractures

Pelvic fractures are often serious injuries, sometimes far more serious than other orthopedic injuries. Fractured pelvis bones often involve breaks in two or more locations. Crushing injuries can result in many fractures as well as damage to the internal organs. In some cases, the hip is also fractured. Pelvis fractures can be life threatening especially when a lot of bleeding is involved or when they are associated with internal organ damage. Common types of pelvic fractures include:

  • Avulsion Fracture

This occurs when the tendon is stretched to the point that it pulls the muscle off the bone. This is sometimes seen when athletes suffer severe trauma.

  • Acetabular Fracture

These occur when the acetabulum (hip socket) is fractured. It often occurs as a result of auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents as well as slip and fall incidents on staircases.

  • Open Book Fracture

This involves the breaking of the pubic bone. It may be caused by injuries to the back or front of the pelvis. It is common in accidents where the groin area is exposed to heavy trauma, such as motorcycle and bicycle accidents.

It is known as an open book fracture because of the appearance of the right and left halves of the pelvic bone when the fracture occurs. This type of injury is serious and can only be treated with the help of surgery.

Common treatments

Treatments for pelvic fractures depend on the severity of the injuries. Common treatments include:

  1. Rest

This helps the bones heal naturally. At least 6 to 8 weeks of rest are required for this. Limited mobility is allowed.

  1. Traction

This is a surgical procedure that is used to align, immobilize or position the fractured bone. This allows the bone to heal naturally. Metal wires or pins may be inserted to immobilize the fracture.

  1. Plates and screws

These are inserted into the body to hold different bone fragments together and allow for the natural healing process to take place.

Seeking compensation for your injury

In many cases, mobility is limited for several months following a pelvic fracture. It may take a long time, several surgeries and other treatments and a lot of physical therapy to regain mobility and strength in the pelvis. Awards for pelvic injury cases range from $100,000 to over $1 million. The actual value of your case will depend on the unique factors surrounding it, your past and future medical expenses, your past and future lost wages, the pain you suffered and how well your injury heals.

An experienced attorney will help you determine the value of your case and how to proceed with your pelvis injury claim.