Jurassic Accidents

33931408_mIf you are even vaguely familiar with the Jurassic Park movies, you know that they revolve around dinosaurs brought to life in modern times by cloning.

Jurassic World, formerly known as Jurassic Park 4, opens in theaters on June 12, 2015. In the film, Jurassic World is a theme park featuring real, live dinosaurs.

To entice more visitors, geneticists employed by the park create a hybrid dinosaur. Of course, that’s when accidents happen, with deadly consequences.

What Accidents Killed the Dinosaurs?

Let’s get this out of the way up-front. No one knows for sure what really killed the dinosaurs. It is a controversial topic among scientists. As new discoveries are made and advances in technology make it possible to more accurately test the theories, the details of the story change.

Here is what we do know. About 66 million years ago, a huge asteroid slammed into the ocean off the coast of Mexico. The most widely accepted theory is that this asteroid killed off the dinosaurs. But recent discoveries point to a more complicated story.

The fact that the asteroid played a large role in wiping out the dinosaurs is not in dispute. But some scientists believe that the process of extinction was already underway and if the dinos had been in better shape when the asteroid hit, they might have had a chance to bounce back.

There was also volcanic activity. It started before the asteroid hit, but it is now believed that the asteroid prompted massive renewed volcanic activity that created noxious gases which could have contributed to the end of most of the life on Earth, including the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Any dinosaurs that survived the asteroid or volcanoes would still have to contend with hungry predators, slipping and falling into tar pits, and the changing climate.

Dinos dealt with disastrous dangers and accidents were abound. Things haven’t really changed.


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