How Hot Weather Contributes to Accidents, even if Travel is Light This Summer

In a study published in 2015, researchers found that crashes caused by driver performance factors, such as fatigue, distractions and driver error, increased in warmer weather and heat waves. A decrease in driver performance isn’t the only way that hot weather contributes to accidents. Hot weather can be bad for your car’s behavior too, causing tire blowouts, overheating engines, and other failures. And there are external factors such as increased road work and, in most years, increased travel. If you were injured in a hot weather car crash, talk to an experienced car accident attorney today.

Hot Weather is Hard on Your Car

Hot weather is a common contributor to vehicle malfunctions of many kind. The most obvious danger is overheating. Simply driving in hot weather can lead to overheating, but using the air conditioner, which most do, increases the likelihood even more. If you had a particularly buggy spring, your radiator may be clogged with dead bugs, causing it to cool less efficiently. And, you may not have the right oil for the season.

In addition to engine trouble, tire blowouts are more common in hot weather. Underinflated tires, old tires and defective tires all add to the risk of blowout.

Hot Weather is Hard on Drivers

Driving in hot weather makes a lot of people sleepy and causes fatigue in those who don’t feel particularly drowsy. Fatigued driving is a leading cause of auto accidents. It clouds your judgement, slows your reaction time and makes you more prone to distractions. It’s bad enough when it’s just you, and during the summer you are surrounded by drivers who are impaired by fatigue.

Hot weather also leads to irritability, crankiness and flat-out road rage, increasing aggressive driving and, again, impairing driver judgement. Summer drivers aren’t just tired, they’re tired and angry.

And here we must throw in another serious danger – sun glare. It’s the worst in the early morning and in the evening, and it can completely blind drivers. When you’re on a schedule, glare can be difficult or impossible to avoid. If you are driving away from the sun, remember that those coming toward you may be blinded by glare.

If you have been injured in a hot weather wreck, search our directory for an experienced accident attorney in your state.