Holiday Hosting Checklist

With everything that’s on your mind this time of year, it’s nice to have a little cheat sheet to help keep you on track with your hosting plans. You can print this checklist to have on-hand, or use it as prompts for your own personalized list.


  • Know when you need to start thawing the turkey, and thaw it safely.
  • Find out about any food allergies you guests may have. If you cannot or choose not to accommodate them, do let them know about items that may contain allergens such as peanuts, gluten, or MSG.
  • Check for recalls on your food items and beverages. Food is recalled for many reasons including contamination with bacteria or undeclared allergens.

Emergency Kit

Weather-related emergencies are not uncommon during the holidays. You may already be prepared to take care of your household, but if you are having guests, you’ll need extra supplies. Of course, you need to be prepared for everyday cuts, burns, and bruises, too. Some of the basic items your holiday emergency kit should include are:

  • First aid kit, and extra Band-Aids
  • Fire extinguisher, make sure it’s the right type and not expired
  • Three days’ worth of food and water for each person and pet
  • A flashlight for each person, and extra batteries
  • Sanitary wipes and paper towels for easy clean up
  • Manual can opener
  • A real, paper map
  • Hand-crank or battery powered radio
  • NOAA Weather radio
  • Wrench for turning off utilities
  • Blankets for each person
  • Waterproof matches and lighters

Outdoor Preparation

  • Make a plan for adequate parking
  • Clear walkways and paths of hazards, such as children’s toys and trash cans
  • De-ice slippery spots as needed
  • Make sure your outdoor lights are working and properly aimed
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