How to Handle a “No Injury No Response” Car Accident

Fender Bender Accident

Any car accident is a stressful event, even when there is no serious injury. If you’ve been in a car accident recently in which no law enforcement or emergency medical services were needed, you’ve been in what is referred to as a “no injury, no response” car accident, but the stress and anxiety you’re feeling are still very real. 

Some states have made it policy that police officers need not respond to minor car accidents. However, as the car accident victim, you’re entitled to investigate the accident on your own and pursue legal action against what may have been a negligent driver. If you feel a negligent driver caused your accident, or if you think the accident resulted from construction debris or some other road hazard that should not have been there, then you may have a valid legal claim to seek compensation for your car accident losses. 

Please look for an experienced car accident lawyer in your area who will listen to the details of your case during a free consultation and who will then advise you on the best course of legal action.

Tips for Handling a “No Injury, No Response” Car Accident

As with all car accidents, regardless of their severity, it’s important to stay calm so you can function at your best in a stressful situation. Any car accident is a jarring event, and it may change several factors of your life including how you’ll get to work, how you’ll get the kids to school, and how your daily life will run. Staying calm and following these other tips will help you get through the trauma of a car accident:

  • When you feel able to do so, speak to the other driver and make sure all parties involved in the car accident are OK. If no one needs medical assistance, call police to report the accident and get further instructions.
  • If the other party appears to be under the influence, do not engage in conversation with him.
  • If the police tell you they’re not required to respond to the accident, exchange contact and insurance information with all parties involved. 
  • Take pictures of driver’s licenses, registrations, insurance cards, and license plates of all drivers involved.
  • Take pictures of any vehicle damage of all vehicles.
  • Take pictures of the surrounding area.
  • Make notes about inclement weather, road hazards, traffic patterns, etc.
  • Take down contact information for any witnesses to the accident.
  • Download the auto accident app “My Pocket Cop” and follow the directions for getting all necessary accident information.
  • Record or write down your account of the accident while it’s fresh in your mind.
  • If you have any symptoms that appear at a later time, report to an emergency department or urgent care center.
  • If, at any time, a driver flees from the scene of the accident, call the police because the accident has no become a hit and run.

If you’ve been in a car accident with or without injury and with or without law enforcement involvement, please contact a car accident attorney in your area today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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