Football Safety: Party Safety Tips

8687665_lSuper Bowl parties are going to be bigger than ever this year. Whether you are planning to host a few friends or a big blow-out, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to keep yourself and your guests safe.

Prepare Your Home

Do a quick check of your property looking for hazards that you may not normally notice. Make sure that walkways are free of snow, ice, and other tripping hazards. Make sure balcony railings are sturdy and in good condition. Make a plan for parking.

Plan Ahead to Avoid Drunk and Drugged Driving

  • Serve plenty of food and snacks.
  • Have tasty non-alcoholic beverages available for guests and designated drivers.
  • Make sure that anyone who consumes alcohol at your party has a designated driver or a plan for getting home.
  • Have phone numbers for cab companies on-hand.
  • Find out about safe ride programs, such as AAA’s Tipsy Tow service, in your area. Many of these programs are free of charge, and offered as a community service by law firms and other organizations.

Food Safety

  • Use separate cutting boards for raw meat and foods that will not be cooked.
  • Provide plenty of small bowls for dips to discourage guests from double-dipping in the community bowl.
  • Do not leave perishable foods sitting out for more than two hours.
  • Use a meat thermometer to make sure that all meat and poultry products are cooked safely. Do not try to eyeball it.
  • Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently.

Stay safe this Super Bowl Sunday. Even if you are not joining in the fun, when you are out and about you have to be on the lookout for other drivers who have indulged too much. If you have been hurt by a drunk driver, please contact one of the attorneys listed in

Check out our History of Football Safety for more information about the game.

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