Fire Prevention and Preparation

32320556_lFire prevention education and a solid evacuation plan are important for families and businesses alike. To give you an idea of just how important, according to the National Fire Protection Association, (NFPA), in 2013 there was a civilian fire injury every 33 minutes and a civilian fire death every two hours and 42 minutes. Education and planning can help prevent a fire and save lives if a fire should occur.

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention begins with education. In the home, this should begin in very early childhood. At work, fire prevention education must be tailored to the work environment and any unique causes and risks involved. No one should be left out.

Fire Preparedness

Having the proper safety equipment in place and in good working condition is the first step. In the home this includes installing a smoke alarm in every bedroom and outside of each sleeping area.

Every home and building should have a fire escape plan. It needs to be updated as your needs change. Families should create a plan that accommodates young children and anyone with disabilities. As children get older, your plan will change accordingly. You should plan escape routes that everyone can use, and practice as a family to make sure that your plan really works.

Get Out and Stay Out

Once a fire starts it can spread very quickly. It is crucial that you get out as fast as possible and stay out of the building. Do not try to go back inside. Your escape plan should include an outdoor meeting place safely away from the home.

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