Elbow Injury Claims

Elbow Injury Claims

What’s so funny about the funny bone? It certainly isn’t funny when you sustain an elbow injury that is painful and possibly debilitating.

Common types and causes of elbow injuries

The elbow, though simple in its range of movements is actually quite complex in its structure. It consists of three moving parts: the humerus, radius and ulna. There are a wide variety of elbow injuries. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Tearing of the biceps or tendons
  • Dislocation of the elbow
  • Elbow bursitis
  • Fracturing of the elbow
  • Ulnar nerve entrapment
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Radial head dysfunction which can be caused when the radius is jammed by the impact of the accident.
  • Elbow muscle spasms
  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) – this is caused by over-use of the forearm muscles that results in inflammation of the tendons. Symptoms include, elbow pain that steadily gets worse, a weak and painful grip and pain that gets worse when you bend your elbow back.

These injuries can be caused as a result of various types of incidents including:

  1. Car accidents – These often occur when you brace yourself against the steering wheel or dashboard. They may also result from a direct impact against the steering wheel, dashboard or backseat in the case of a passenger in the back seat.
  2. Slip and fall incidents
  3. Work activities including repetitive tasks such as typing, painting or hammering

Treatments for elbow injuries

Treatments for elbow injuries vary depending on the nature of the injury and the extent of damage suffered. Minor injuries to soft tissues may call for rest and an ice compress to help the joint heal itself. Anti-inflammatories also help. Eventually, stretching your forearm muscles will help. Obviously, you will want to limit the use of your arm and elbow while it is healing. Rest is key.

However, severe injuries, such as fractures and lacerations of tendons may require surgical intervention. The two most common types of elbow surgeries include total elbow replacement and elbow arthroscopy.

Severe elbow injuries that require surgical treatment often result in significant and permanent loss in the range of motion of the joint.

Valuing elbow injury claims

If you plan to file a claim for compensation for your elbow injury, one of the many questions on your mind may be how much you can sue for. It is difficult to estimate the actual amount you will be awarded especially if your case goes to trial.

The average settlement for elbow injury claims is approximately $20,000. However, the value of your case will depend on the severity of your elbow injury as well as factors such as lost time at work, past and future medical expenses, etc. Broken elbows resulting in disability or the need for surgery and replacement of the elbow will attract higher awards. It will also depend on whether or not the injury occurred in the workplace.

The value of pain and suffering is also considered. This value varies depending on the state in which the accident occurred. Some states place a higher value for pain suffering than other states. It is also important to prove that the injury occurred in an accident caused by negligence by the other party.  

If you’ve already sought medical attention for your injuries and believe that someone else is responsible for the accident, get in touch with a lawyer. An experienced lawyer will help guide you and represent you to ensure that your legal rights are covered.