Don’t Put Off Getting Help for Your Accident Injuries

With businesses closing and stay-at-home orders, it may feel like the world has stopped for the coronavirus, but accidents are not on hold and can happen any time. Hospitals are overcrowded and not a safe place to go if you can avoid it. And if you were trying to recover from injuries when all of this happened, your body isn’t on hold either. You can’t afford to lose ground while staying at home or away from your healthcare providers. And if you have an accident claim, you need the money as soon as possible and cannot afford to lose out on the compensation you deserve. Fortunately, there are some solutions to help you continue with your medical care and get help with your case while you stay at home and stay safe.

Call Your Doctor, Therapist and Other Healthcare Providers

Whether you are newly injured or in the course of treatment for an injury which had already occurred, call you doctor and other healthcare providers and make a plan. Due to the COVID-19, so much has changed and one of the earliest changes was to make it easier for healthcare professionals to offer telemedicine without running afoul of the law. Everyone is encouraged to utilize telemedicine when at all possible during this time. That applies if you are sick and if you are injured. It also applies to mental health needs.

If you have never used telemedicine, you may be amazed at how much can be done over the phone and through videoconferencing. It keeps you and your family safe, keeps other patients safe, and protects many healthcare workers, too.

Call an Accident Lawyer

Don’t make the mistake of feeling like you can sit back and wait until the pandemic is over to get started on your claim. You need to call an attorney now. Although much is on hold right now, and some deadlines are being extended, you will face deadlines. Deadlines aren’t the only issue. You do not want to add to any delays you may experience in getting paid for your injuries by putting off getting started.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident, please contact us to be connected with an experienced accident lawyer in your area.